DEMM measuring instruments


All our products are manufactured in Italy in our Faenza plant, near Ravenna. The electronics for our digital devices are provided by Sylvac SA, Switzerland.
Our company complies with DIN862 for the manufacturing of our products.
Our products are covered by a one-year warranty.
Our trained personnel provides solutions for problems related to the digital electronics within the terms specified by the warranty.
Even when covered by the terms provided for by the warranty, we repair damage caused by the improper use of our product after sending an ex factory estimate of expenses for any repairs.
Our trained personnel is always happy to provide assistance, after sending an ex factory estimate for any repairs.
Our trained personnel is happy to welcome you at our company offices by appointment, to provide all the information needed for the proper use of our products.
Delivery time depends on the product, but, on the average, delivery time is 5 days for a standard product.
Any time our standard products do not meet customer needs, our trained personnel will cooperate with customer to design and manufacture the proper device.
Our company is a world leader on the international market for the production of measuring devices up to 5 meters.
Our ZEUS DIGI FIBER is produced for measurements from 1000mm to 5000 mm.
Our price list is to be interpreted ex factory.