DEMM measuring instruments


DEMM: precision for over 50 years!

DEMM was founded more than 50 years ago, on a commitment to custom solutions through high-quality precision instruments and calipers. We are working in a special market, DEMM’s niche it is a sector with high specialization and above all the quality, according with this the raw material that DEMM use is the best one. All of our products are made in our facilities under rigorously supervision programs.

DEMM works in a special market, because this company has products that nobody else produce, in addition we have the flexibility to accept specials request, the engineers and designers who works in the company have all the knowledge and experience to develop new products. Now you can take advantage of our years of experience in designing, manufacturing and assembling very precise instruments, with an eye for detail and a commitment to quality, you are virtually guaranteed the products we manufacture for you will meet your exact specifications.

We are working with the carbon fiber, currently we can present you many different calipers on this raw material that offer you advantages over the stainless steel.


High-quality precision instruments and calipers for over 50 years

Made in Italy

All of our products are made in our facilities in Faenza, Italy

Custom instruments

DEMM can make instruments on customer specific request

Special is normal

DEMM can offer a range of special items that no one else provides